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  It is always a good feeling to know that our kittens feel well, they are healthy and happy and their owners are satisfied. So with the permissions of the owners I can show some photos and letters which were sent to me about our kittens.
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Hazel's Maisie - 2022
'...Maisie is still a little Sweetheart! When we come home she rushes to the door to meet us !as if we have been gone for hours! , then runs around the house as she is happy we are home. Never stops playing with Philip and Charlie! I think they must get fed up with her at times!but they never show it!and love her as much as we do....' (Philip and Charlie are their other persians)
James' Goldenboy - 2022
'...He is, as you you can see, absolutely perfect and has matured into the most gentle, playful and funny cats we could have hoped for as well as one of the most beautiful. He is a joy and we are thrilled on a daily basis to have him in our lives.....'
Joanne's Peggy-Sue and Rupert - 2021 Christmas
Liz's George - 2021 Christmas
Sian's Chrunchie, 8 years old - 2021 Christmas
Neda's Astro - 2021 Christmas
Stephanie's Rufus - 2021 Christmas
Omar's Peopi - 2021 Christmas
Nicole's Minnie and Belle - 2021 Christmas
Wendy's Dacia - 2021 Christmas
Julie's Marcy and Elsa - 2021 Christmas
Simona's Kuskus - 2021 Christmas
Mandy's Chester and Purdey - 2021 Christmas
Anglea's Leo (Purrfect) - 2021 Christmas
Elyse's Binky - 2021 Christmas
Samantha's Cleo and Asgard - 2021 Christmas
Richard and Hazel's Maisie - 2021 Christmas
Joanne's Agador - 2021 Christmas
Jane's Bailey, 6 years old - 2021 Christmas
Rózsa family's beautiful Cassy with her friends.
She is about 14-15 years old now. - 2021 Christmas
AnnMarie's Sophie and Molly, both or them are 10+ years old - 2021 Christmas
Rob and Liz' Humph - 2020
Stephanie's Rufus - 2020 Christmas
Syeda's Oscar - 2020 Christmas
"...We thought you might like to see some pictures of our beautiful Wolfgang (Wolfy for short) aka Bertie! He is just amazing we adore him and we are doing our best to look after him as you suggest. He is definitely a character and has already tried climbing our Christmas tree but he is a wonderful addition to our family and we can't imagine life without him! Thank-you...
Samantha and family - 2020 Christmas
Ian's Clarissa - 2020 Christmas
Jane and Martin's Bailey - 2020 Christmas
Inge's Yogi and Luna - 2020 Christmas
Sima's Kuskus - 2020 Christmas
Cassy, our very oldest kitten so far we still got news, lives in Hungary with the lovely Rózsa family - 2020 Christmas
Louise and Francis' Pacha - 2020 Christmas
Elyse and Lewis' Blinky - 2020 Christmas
Joanne' Peggy Sue and Rupert - 2020 Christmas
Sian' Crunchie - 2020 Christmas
Maria & Trevor' Zephy - 2020 Christmas
Neda's Astro - 2020
Susan's Mr. Bo and Mr. Bumble - 2020
Angela's Leo (previously Purrfect) - 2020: "...He was 1 on 4th Aug and we thought you might like to see him now. He's still very kittenish looking and still adorable and funny..."
Ines' Shanty - 2020: "...I’m incredibly happy with Shanty, he is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had! He sleeps with me and wakes me up with kisses every morning! I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was younger, and every time I’m a bit stressed we always brings his toys and meows until I’m playing with him! He is extremely talkative as well, I’m always talking with him and he always answers back hehehe... I will keep you updated as he grows. ..."
Hayley's Babycake - 2019: "Here are some pictures of Babycakes (he has grown into a big boy now, and is still growing!). He is very happy and healthy and a bundle of energy!"
Joanne's PeggySue and Rupert - 2019: "...as you can see rupert and peggy sue are doing great, we've moved into a new home which they are still getting use to but they seem very happy xx"
James' Marcy - 2019: "...‘Marcie’ as my son named her .. is absolutely beautiful, she is funny, playful, loving and the most perfect pet. Thank you.... We would not hesitate to recommend you as a responsible breeder. Marcie has the most beautiful temperament. We are currently working on my husband to let us have another one and I am sure she would love a little sister!"
Inge's Yogi and Luna: "I know I have told you this before but we really are so happy with our 2 feline friends. They are the most content pair and are so placid. They’ve never scratched or swiped anyone even if we have to tackle a little knot in their fur. Luna may give a little warning hiss occasionally if she thinks you are brushing too hard but that’s all. I think she’s just making up for her lack of size. Yogi has quite different fur. Very silky. I call him my handsome boy."
Ann's Jasmine and Spike: "Jasmine and Spike have settled in very well. They are lively, friendly and inquisitive cats. They love playing and are great company for us and each other."
David's Mia, 2019: "Mia is such a character now... quite strong minded:-)"
Jane & Martin's Bailey, 2019: "We have had Bailey (Teddy) for 4 Christmasses now. He is so sweet, playful and gentle and is very fluffy in Winter."
Pál Family's Cassy (Hungary) - She is one the oldest kittens of ours we still got news (was born in 2007), thank you so much for that after so many years and such a distance you still remember us.
Becky's Zoe and Simba around 2019 Christmas.
Maria and Trevor's Zephy : "Zephy is so beautiful & such a lovely cat, so affectionate & we love her so much."
Linda & Paul's Casper and Kiki 2019: "They are both big and Kiki weighs a ton, I call her my little ‘tubster’. She loves her food and is always first to the plate! They are delightful and both so loving and everyone adores them ??. They have supervised outings in the garden ... Thank you for bringing such beautiful cats into our lives, we love them to bits."
Alathea's Bear - 2019 "Attached is a photo of Bear, he’s such a handsome fella and still brightens my day."
Molly's Mia - 2019
Nicole's Belle - 2019: "...she is a very photogenic lady she’s honestly amazing she’s the most loving little lady and has a really funny personality. She likes to lay on her back with all legs open next to me on the bed like she’s human she tries to copy me she really is funny .
I will forever be great full for her ..."
Poppy's Lottie - 2019
Susan's Mr BoJ & Mr Bumble B around 2019 Christmas
Paulette's Morgan and Thalia in 2019
Vlada's Lio and PanPan around 2019 Christmas
Sian's Chrunchie - 2019 - "...he’s 6 , 7 in March, aw I know everyone says how beautiful he is, spoilt rotten he is... "
Simone's Winter:
'Just wanted to update you with a video of winter. He is still so loving following us everywhere. Also super clever and as you can see thinks he’s a dog playing fetch! '
Susan's Mr. Bo Jangles and Bumble Bear:
'...I don't know where to start - the Boys are Heaven on 8 legs !!
What busy busy little chaps - always together, playing hard when awake and sometimes sleeping together - Mr Bo does sometimes at lunch time goes to sleep in my bedroom with the two Muffins as Bumble plays at least another hour around me
Bumble has grown so much and is full of life - quite fearless really more so than Mr Bo. but am not convinced he's braver just less cautious ha ha
They do curl up together to sleep & wash one another until they get to hot - we all love them to bits - the Ragdoll's ignore them as they are so much older but the Muffins like to be with them & do join in the fun at times
All the photo's were taken in the last few days - Bumble is hard to photo when awake - he's always on the go though, where as Mr Bo relaxes & takes things in.
Mr Bo was 3.5kg two weeks ago & Bumble about 1.8 kg now - which I'm pleased with!... '
Vlada's PanPan and Lio:
'I just wanted to share with you some videos and pics of PanPan and Lio. Lio hasn’t put his winter coat on still (not that fluffy as he can be yet) and has a bit darker markings on the face. PanPan as fluffy as ever, day & night, 365 days a year :) They are super healthy, adorable cats who are absolutely stunning - and I just want to remind you that you breed astonishingly beautiful and healthy animals!!! Re the look of them - not only my opinion. Everyone, who have seen them in person or on pics, says that. Even dog owners who are my friends and totally into dogs are saying that they are incredible. ...'
Susan's Mr Bo: '...Mr Bo is pure joy - what an incredible nature he has - just plain happy & a contented purr box - we are loving every moment of him...'
Sophie's Boris - 2018
Stephanie's Rufus - 2018
Jacqueline's Miska - 2018
Mandy's Chester & Purdey - 2018
Joanne's Rupert and PeggySue 2018
Inge's Yogi and Luna 2018
Sima's Kuskus 2018
Ray and Judy's Mufti - 2018
Missy - 2018
Sian's Chrunchie - 2018
Nikita and Toffee:
'...They are both gorgeous and settled in well, Toffee purrs all the time, you only have to look at him and he starts purring ??. They are still enjoying the raw food. They play together really well and follow each other around, I am so glad that we have two as they just do everything together... I tend to use the purform cat food and the organic raw food, which they love...'
Shelley's Mila:
'...Just a little update on Mila’s progress. Well what can I say apart from she is absolutely perfect. It took her a good few weeks to settle in, and she mainly stayed upstairs in the house. Well she is now one of the most sociable cats I’ve ever know. Everyone who rings on the door bell she comes to greet them. She follows my dogs around. She has become like my shadow. If I have a bath, she lays on the bath mat waiting, if I go upstairs she follows me everywhere. She is so loving and gentle. She goes up to us all and kisses us on our faces. She adores being groomed and will happily lay on her back to be brushed. I have never know a cat so clean also. If she ever does a Poop in her litter tray she will come and tell us so we can scoop it out. She is ultimately hilarious in the evenings when she gets all playful and starts hiding, pouncing on things and doing what we call her Spider-Man moves around all the furniture. She finds it great amusement to hide from my Golden Retriever and when she’s asleep on the floor to Jump on her and wake her up, or chase the dogs wagging tail. My Mum is convinced that she actually thinks she is a dog. Needless to say she is perfect in every way for our family and we all adore her. Never being a Cat owner before, she has made owning a cat a wonderful thing. We would definitely like to purchase another cat from you both in future. ... '
Odin and Ozzy:
'Just wanted to give you an update on how Ozzy is settling in and some photos! We nickname them sausage and meatball as one sleeps long and one sleeps in a ball and seems to have stuck ha! .....Sausage gentle nature seems to be a winner with his little brother. Watching them play fight and run round the house and groom eachother melts our hearts. They are together always. Thanks again!'
Cassey and Andy
Vlada's Lio (2018 summer)
'...We are definitely happy with all your suggestions as that’s how we have raised Odin and he is a big healthy strong boy with no problems at all.'...
Cassey and Andy
'Good Evening Helga I hope you are doing well. I often still check your website because I love looking at the cute kittens!!
Speaking of cute Xiao Gu is the CUTEST! She is so friendly and very independent. Paczek is not so friendly to strangers and is very scared of other people. Chris notices that Paczek is very much stuck on me. He loves being around me and follows me around. They both are doing well. Paczek is now very big, Xiao Gu is still small but getting bigger I wish she could stay small forever!
Here are some pictures '...
Liz's George - 2017 Christmas
Harrison and his family on Santa's day - 2017
While we don't have dogs to make my kittens familiar with them, it is so good to know that this kind of relationship works if dogs are kind enough.
Daniel's Alfie - 2017 Christmas
TC and O'Mally - 2017 Christmas
Jacqueline's Miska - 2017 Christmas
Elyse's Blinky - on 2017 summer --
--and a new solution how to keep them safe / prevent escaping from the garden: while we chosed to net secure the fence it is not everywhere possible. Also sadly what most often happened to our previous kittens that they 'met a car' and couldn't make it.
"Here is a picture of Binky in the summer, attached to her zip line, playing in the garden. My Dad made it for her, two years ago. Its a harness lead so it doesn't harm her and the zip line is quite a good length of the garden so she can run around and play."
Lauren's Leo - around 2017 Christmas
Vlodek - 2017
Joanne's Peggy Sue and Rupert - 2017 Christmas
Molly's Mia:
'...Mia is perfect, she is very healthy, very beautiful and (touch wood) we have never had any trouble at all. She does her own thing, entertains herself, comes down for a cuddle and then lays on the window seal keeping her eye on everything. Every person whom visits us, always compliments how beautiful and loving she is.
Just an FYI, we have stuck by your rules not to vaccinate Mia and she is still very healthy and this hasn't effected her at all. I'm so glad we listened to you ....'
Ray and Judy's Mufti on his first birthday:
'Today is Muftis first birthday. He is a lovely cat and very happy.'
Suzie's Otis on his first birthday
Anna's Lula - 2016 Christmas
Lauren's Leo - 2016 Christmas
Simona's Kuskus on Christmas dinner table - 2016 Christmas
Update: Sian's Crunchie in 'christmas outfit' :-)- 2016 Christmas
Update: Naomi's Duchess - 2016 Christmas
Louise's Bryn - 2016 Christmas
Update: TC and O'Malley - 2016 Christmas
Joanne's Rupert and Peggie Sue - 2016 Christmas
'Hi helga they are lovely, yes that would be nice to see them on your website I'm so proud of them, I will keep in touch with more pictures soon
Take care joanne xx'
Inge's Yogi and Luna - 2016 Christmas
"... I thought I would take this opportunity to send you a few photos of Yogi and Luna. They really are the most placid, lovely cats. Yogi is still the big boy and Luna is quite tiny in comparison, yet she more than makes up for it in brains. She's a very clever little thing. ..."
Update: Stephanie's Rufus - 2016 Christmas
Update: WTC's Paczek - 2016 Christmas
Elyse's Binky - 2016 Christmas
Alathea's Bear - 2016 Christmas
"...I have also attached a photo of Bear, he is a much loved member of the family and he as such a mischievous personality and he always brightens my day."
Just a quick update. Rufus is doing great he is such a funny little cutie - into everything and adorable with it. ... He is still a Daddy's boy and spends all his time (when he is not causing mayhem) sat curled on daddy's knee. He is getting really really cute furry ears - pictures at the bottom and is extra handsome. We absolutely adore him - thanks again
"Hello Helga.
Mufti is developing into lovely and happy cat. Here are a couple photos showing is daytime sleeping accomodation; his night time one being in our bed.
Best wishes Ray and Judy"
Leo "He has settled in very well and seems to be growing bigger every day! He has such a lovely personality – affectionate and playful! He is still making meowing noises when eating his food which is very cute!! I’ve recently bought him a very big cat climbing tree which he loves and plays on it constantly. I will continue to send you more photos as he develops.
Best wishes,
"Well I can say that Paczek is super sweet, adorable, handsome and really friendly. He always comes to greet me at the door when I come home.
He loves to eat liver, hearts, chicken and venison and some times but rarelyl shrimp.
My husband complains that Paczek is more spoiled than he is!!
I can tell he comes from a loving home and that is why is has such a wonderful personality. I want you to know we have tried our best to keep him spoiled with us here as well!
Have a nice day!
"Widget is doing very well. She is super active. But also really sweet. Her favourite toys are the foul ball and the feather wand. Though she will play with anything. (Stationary or moving).
She eats well. And likes ground beef tuna and especially chicken liver. Though regular chicken is not her favourite.
She gets along fine with Momo ( the other cat). Though he us older they sit near each other peacefully all the time.
She loves to purr in my face at 4-5am.

Dottie / Duchess and her Main Coon friend
"...Dottie is the most perfect little girl we could ask for. We have named her Duchess and she has become best friends with our Maine Coon! Here is a photo of them from the other day and I will send more when she gets bigger. They are both on the meat diet that you recommended and are looking so lovely and healthy.
All the best,
Naomi, Alex and the cats
"...Yes absolutely share on your website. I'm so thrilled with what a difference it has made. Our Maine Coon used to vomit at every 2 weeks or so and since switching him to the diet he hasn't been sick once and it's been 2 months to the day! So we are very happy to recommend it to anyone. ..."
Cherie's Elsa around 2015 Christmas: "She brings so much joy to our lives and she has a strong personality. ..."
"Many thanks for keeping in touch and for our lovely Billu who is a joy for us everyday.
Best wishes,
S & R "
Angela and Matthew's Sasha around 2015' Christmas
Milo's new photo around 2015' Christmas
"Moo is doing so well, she's a real character! Very mischievous! But an absolutely beautiful little girl!
Thank you!
Molly and Shane "
"Merry Christmas from Poppy, the children and Lottie xxx"
TC and O'Malley's photos update around 2015' christmas. Also thank you so much for the owners for updates and photos! 3rd cat on photo is Franklin, a beautiful silver-tabby persian who once was also one of our kittens. :-)
Miska's new photo - 2015 Christmas
'We contacted Helga at Chinchillapersians because her breeding program stood out to us as being the most researched. She is the most caring breeder we have come across and we have lived with cats and dogs for over 30 years. In this time, we have come to understand, sadly at the cost of our animal's health, that a commercial diet and constant vaccination is the source of the majority of the diseases that they developed. We had over the last few years switched our pets to a natural raw food diet and reduced vaccines to the minimum, only to find their health improving or being restored all together. We have, since meeting Helga, decided to exclude vaccines all together .
So for us, meeting Helga who is so dedicated to breading healthy cats was so refreshing. She too, had first hand experience of the toxic effect of poor diet and vaccines in her pets and as a result she has decided to put her head above the parapet and stand up for what she knows is right. We have purchased our kitten Dolly from her some months ago. She is a stunning healthy cat with the gentlest nature and a cheeky personality. We are fortunate to have a holistic vet who fully supports feeding a raw diet and non vaccination, so instead of conventional vaccines, we have opted for nozodes to give our kitten protection.
All the other breeders we had come across prior to meeting Helga had sent the kittens to their new homes vaccinated and usually with a bag or Royal Canine. We know that this is done with the best of intentions but have also come to understand that this practice leads to auto immune deseases and a lifetime of unnecessary suffering for our beloved pets.
We feel that Helga's stand is very brave and fully support her because she is an extremely experienced and caring breeder.
It is not easy to go against what we have been taught is the right thing to do for so many years, but when your pets become sick and you do sufficient research, you will come to learn that Helga is correct in her approach.
I am happy to answer any questions if you wish to contact me (monique60@hotmail.co.uk)'
'... I thought you might like to see how Ruby and Lily have grown so attach a couple of photos taken today. They are still getting up to mischief and racing around the house like two little rockets - they are so gorgeous, very funny and wonderful company..
With best wishes
Barbara and Toby'
Vlodek the big hunter... again :-) - 2015
I am sorry if I make anyone upset but I love Vlodek's photos, he is just such a fun and in our opinion this is how a healthy, happy cat behaves.
Vlodek's portre - 2015
'Hi, Helga,
...I thought I would send you some photos of Eszter (now 3 years old) and of Oscar (now 8 months old), our kitten we got from you in September and whom you had named Bobby. ... Our silver shaded kitten is our "Oscar" and has settled in well. He is a very lovely kitten. I don't think he will be as big as Eszter, who seems to be quite a big cat. He has a lovely gentle nature and I love him to bits. We have been lucky, as - like Eszter - he is perfectly happy being groomed each day and settles into my arms and purrs and falls asleep while I do so! How lucky have I been with both of them! He has never been ill and eats well all the time. He has no problems whatsoever - another beautiful, happy and healthy cat from you! So thank you for that! But more importantly that is now 2 beautifully natured cats who are very affectionate....
Love to you all,
'Happy new year from Vakarcs (aka Mr Pickles) x'
'Hi just thought we would update you on our persian we got from you back in June he was from Priszi's litter and we named him Huey. He is a gorgeous little boy he talks to us a lot and keeps us and the children company at all times. We love him and would like to thank you for such a lovely cat!
Alex and Kimberley. X x'
'The photos of our boys are from O'Malley and TC. As you see beautiful cats and loved by all of our family and friends.'
'Love from Mr Tinkles xx'
Elsa in 2014 '...We couldn't imagine life without her now. We laugh all day ling at her she is so playful anf cheeky. ...
'Cosmo is loving the decorations he is such a funny fella xx'
'A picture of our special girl Sasha.'
'Savannah and Priscilla in Dec 2014'
'Pepper and Sunny in Dec 2014'
'....She is my absolute pride and joy, and a great source of joy and comfort to me. She is doing very well and is a happy little girl. You recommended a track ball game, as you can she has one and she loves it.
Love Jacqueline'
'Eszter is 3 years old'
'Dear Helga,
Let us wish you a very Merry Christmas with the picture below of our belowed cat, Cassy, who was born in 2007 in Hungary as one of your first kittens! :)
Have a nice Holiday!
Best wishes,
Family Pál-Rózsa and Cassy'
Vlodek the big hunter - 2013
He is our shorter nosed cat ever, probably due to anscestors we never met. He has a big, funny personality according to his loving owners and his exceptionally good, beautiful photos where he likes to know alcohol ("100% male") and loves hunting.
'happy healthy Cream 8 months old'
'Just writing with an update to let you know Kismo is very well and very very happy! He's as lovely as ever, chatty and personable and just generally being very friendly :) He will be 3 years old next month and is more beautiful than ever. We have recently had a family friend staying with us from Australia whilst she is travelling in the UK and Europe, and she has certainly fallen in love with him too. He's very good at making friends! ....
Best wishes, Sarah'
'...Liza is doing good, she is a big girl, very lovely and sensitive and our family very happy with her, we adore her so much, I don`t imagine my life without Liza. ...I have attach Liza`s picture. ....
Best wishes, Tania'
'...My father and I came over and bought snowy. I just wanted to say he is a beautiful cat and I am very happy with him. His eyes are so big and his face is really cute. I took a few photos of him and have attached them for you to see, if you want to see more just let me know,
Kind Regards, Hamza '
Eszter update:'... she is two and a half years old now!...She is a beautiful cat with a loyal and affectionate nature and very gentle. She particularly likes curling up on my husband's lap for a sleep - she prefers his lap to mine! She generally likes being groomed and has a wonderful coat - she reminds me very much of her Dad, Moysee, to look at! Occasionally she decides she doesn't feel like being groomed now, which is something I usually do after breakfast, and if in this mood she sees me approaching and runs to hide in her play tunnel! She knows the routine and the time of day! As for other personality traits: she is easy to amuse and her favourite toys are small sponge balls that she loves to play with you. She will bat it back to you with her paw, and this goes on backwards and forwards from me to her for ages...She especially likes watching the birds which visit our new feeding station - I think I will have to control her when out in the summer, as I think she would naturally be a good hunter and would scare them away. In good weather she loves being outside, hiding in the bushes and grasses I have planted, chasing butterflies and flies. Last summer, when we had superb weather for months on end, she would (with my other cat) always come out with me as I sat for my morning coffee on my garden bench. She would sit under the bench, my old British Short Hair would sit on the bench, then she would cheekily push her paw through the slats of the bench seat to chase his tail!... Eszter has just discovered a new trick this week - if she stands behind the open kitchen door and stretches both front paws up the door, she has found she can push it shut. She finds this very entertaining, but unfortunately it leaves her shut in the kitchen with our other elderly cat shut out from the litter tray and his water. Fortunately he usually sleeps most of the day (he's 15 now) and hasn't noticed. We have had to put a door stop in front of the door to stop her pushing it, and now she can't understand why nothing happens when she pushes it with her paws from behind! She always is wonderfully healthy -and that fact alone should encourage prospective buyers to buy your kittens! She clearly comes from very healthy stock and has been carefully raised as a kitten by you. Her health and her looks, as well as her easily groomable silky thick coat (she is the easiest persian I have ever had to groom) + her wonderfully gentle temperament are a great advert for your kittens!...Kind regards, Val'
'...I am attaching some pictures of Pumukli. He is doing great, we have a lot of fun with him. as you can see, he is getting bigger, and we can not imagine our lives without him. he is healthy, fluffy and he felt very comfortable from the very first day he came.
thank you again for everything
alex and turgay'
'Meow is 6 months old'
'...We would be proud of Savannah to be on your website! She is very beautiful and so lovely in nature too. We love her so much!
Debbie x'
Cesare & Farrah update: '...See attached photo of Cesare & Farrah. This was taken a while ago, Cesare is a very large cat now... They are both very loving cats and full of life. Farrah is still very talkative and Cesare is more 'laid back', they go out and enjoy life very much. They both sleep with us on the bed every night. Farrah tends to sleep on my pillow and Cesare on my feet! We love them very much, they are so beautiful'
(On this photo Cassy is one of our oldest / firts kitten, she is around 10 yrs old now. Her mom was Hogoyo, dad was a black persian from Hungary) ..'...Köszönjük szépen a jókívánságot és a figyelmességet!!! Viszont kívánunk nagyon Boldog, Békés Karácsonyi Ünnepeket és sikeres Új Évet!!! Üdvözlettel:
a Pál-Rózsa család és Cassy cica :)'
'...The boys are getting big and a lot of fun. Here are photos of TC and O'Malley on our Xmas tree. Cheers
Stewart and Lesley.'
'... we would like to wish you a wonderful Xmas and new year too. With warm regards,
The M... Family and Milo x'
Molly and Sophie update (Mother was Choosie, father was Moysee)
'...Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year from Molly and Sophie in Ireland. They are doing so well and give us such joy. Really funny, brave little characters and still great friends who always look out for each other. One, Sophie (Mary) loves our dog and the other, Molly (Sarah) terrorises and bullies him!!! Our boys Calum and Sean love the cats and the cats love them. They love to cuddle up and sleep together.
Sending kindest warm wishes
AnnMarie and family xxx
'As promised a new pic of Crunchie, look how big hes gone!! He's like a little pudding!!!!'
'Hello, hope you're well. This is a recent pic of Bobby, growing up even more :)'
RIP - was hit by a car on 09-09-2014
'Hi, just a few pics of kimba growing up....I am very proud of my boy xxx want everyone to see him! He is such a pleasure. Thank you x any photos are fine ....He's perfect x'
'this is jasmine that I brought the chinchilla Persian of you and I was with my mom and dad I was just popping to say hi to send you some photos of Milo as he is 10 months old now. Milo loves to talk and loves cuddles and kisses, he also gives kisses and is very well behaved
many thanks
jasmine x'
update: 'Just wanted to drop you a line to see how things are with you? Crunchie is 7 months old to the date today love him!! He is the funniest little cat ever! He love Anthonys feet and tries to bite them any chance he gets, and he loves to cuddle up to me in bed in the night and rolls on his back for his tummy to be tickled. He is a proper little character!! So glad we had him...'...
...'Hello,thought I'd send you a much bigger Crunchie he's amazing w love him to bits, he's so funny and loves our flowers and soil in the garden!! Hope all ok with you both, xx '
'Dear Helga, I want to tell you how well Purdy has settled in. ... She is very intelligent. Right away she knew exactly where her food and litter tray were. She had a pee and has used the litter tray ever since, without an ‘accident’ and without ANY problems at all. This is very impressive. ...She settled in amazingly quickly. She isn’t frightened of sudden noises ( the hoover, the spin dryer, the kettle, the postman knocking at the door) She loves what I call the Cat Adventure Playground, the very Large Cat Scratching Post and the small one I got for her while she was still little. She uses them all! ... You were right to say she is brave. She is FEARLESS! Andrew said, “She is VERY agile! We definitely did not need that stair gate!” Every morning she wakes Andrew and smoothers him in kisses. She thinks he needs a good wash and insists on licking everything that is above the duvet! She pays particular attention to his beard! Andrew just can NOT say ‘No’ to her! She can wrap him around her little paw. She likes to go upstairs with him first thing in the morning and ‘help’ him on the computer keyboard!! .... When I flop down on the settee, she comes to sit on top of me purring loudly, to tell me ‘I really enjoyed that.’ ... We both love her so much, Helga. Your little one has our hearts forever. I call her ‘Princess Purdy’!! She has utterly beautiful eyes ( so does her mother Hogoyo) and I fell in love with her eyes. My youngest daughter says that Purdy is the most beautiful kitten she has ever seen. Even my son, who is a vet , had to admit that she was ‘ a very cute kitten.’ ...
Lots of love,
Linda x '
'Hope you and your husband are well and that all is well with your cats and kittens. Apologies we have not been in touch sooner. I've been extremely busy with work and both me and Maram have been spending our time making Malak feel welcome and loved. For your pleasure we have attached some photos of Malak's development showing how he has been growing and keeping us entertained :-)
Regards, Mark and Maram x '
'Hi there we bought pebbles/Romeo from you four years ago and he is still doing really well, although he can be a bit of a devil at times!!! I will try and send you some up to date photos of him. ... Many thanks and I hope you are well
Nicola and lee'
'Hi, hope you're well Here are some pics of Bobby- he is growing up very fast!
Kind regards, Vanessa
'Long time no speak. I thought I would send a photograph of Elvis to you so you can see how much he has grown! He has adorable and the whole family love him to bits. We have managed to sort my husband's allergy out now too which is excellent news! As you can see from the photo Elvis loves being in the garden - however I will have to keep an eye on him because he keeps chasing the large bumble bees ! He is eating really well too and he loves lots of fuss. My children however do not leave him alone and carry him everywhere but he doesnt seem to mind. He has settled in superbly and is one of the family. I shall send more photos to you as and when. Kindest regards.
'...I hope you are well. Snowball is five months old now and we thought you might like to know how he is getting on. As you can see from the photos attached he is growing into a very healthy, handsome cat. We absolutely adore Snowball, he’s very playful and cheeky – he likes to hide my make-up and hair ties and he enjoys playing hide and seek with Anthony J Snowball has made our home so happy and we are very grateful to you, Thank you'
Dani and Anthony
'...Vlodek is doing very well. He is growing so fast and is becoming very handsome cat :) It is great to have him around. He loves to be with us all the time. Wherever we go he follows us. We have a lots of fun together...'
'...Sorry we haven't emailed you sooner but been a hectic time. We have named our beautiful kitten Samson and he is so lovely. He is funny and lively with a really lovely nature and a good boy. He is really healthy and growing bigger day by day. He has a really loving nature and hates to be apart from us. We cant thank you enough for letting us have such a wonderful kitten. I have attached a couple of photos for you. Take care'
Jo & Karl
'....I thought it time I sent you some new photos of Miska now that she is a year old - I can't believe how quickly that time has gone by. She is a real beauty both to look at and in nature and has become very fond of being cuddled, which of course I don't mind at all! She still sleeps by my pillow at night and I love playing with her and watching her play. She loves water and has learnt how to turn the kitchen tap on so I have to tie it up now so that I don't get a flood... she really is very intelligent and clever.
One of the pictures is of her looking out of a window at boats - she came on holiday with me to Wales and was so good. She settled right in and made herself at home, which is a relief as this means she will always be able to come with me and I don't have to be parted from her, or have someone else look after her. We are an inseparable pair now.
I meant to say to you before, but forgot .. if any of the pictures I send you are suitable and you wish to put them on your web page please feel free to do so.
Take care Helga, I look forward to hearing all your news.
Love, Jacqueline'
'....Happy Easter. I thought you might like to see this photo of Archie (Mr Tinkles as you called him) having fun in our garden aged 5 months. He is a wonderful cat, really affectionate and lots of fun. He is also very fit and healthy and loves climbing the big yew tree in our front garden...
'..Sorry I have not written for a while. I just thought I would send you a few photos, I have some better ones which I need to download and will send you, I have a good one of the kittens watching football on the TV and sitting on Alan's laptop. They are as naughty as ever (just how kittens should be). Cesare and Farrah sleep on my pillow, not much room for me, have a photo of this and will send you. Farrah is still extremely talkative which is nice, she meows while she purrs. Cesare has a tiny meow and Farrah meows enough for the two of them!! Cesare is a huge kitten now and will be a big cat by the look of him. They are both beautiful and very well settled, they are good company for Alan as he works from home and is with then every day. We love then very much, they really are delightful and give us much pleasure. Will write soon with more photos. Best wishes
Lynne xx'
'Monty is Getting big! Hope everybody is well!
'...As Gismo is now over 6 months old we thought you would like an update on how he is and to see some pictures. We have called him Franky and he settled into our home very well. Hes always full of energy and ready to play. His favourite toys are balls which he can pick up in his mouth and carry around or drop into shoes so he can then try and get them back out again. We also find him playing in the bath every now and again. He loves to be around us and always sleeps next to us or even on us. As with a lot of cats hes very inquisitive and likes to see what we are doing and would always like to eat what we are eating. He has the sweetest nature and is such a fun wee guy we can't wait to get home and see him every day. Everyone comes to visit us just to see him now and everybody has commented on how beautiful he is. We can't thank you enough, he really is the most lovely cat and we can't remember what it was like when we didn't have him. Thank you so much,
Sam and Kevin'
"I just wanted to let you know that Kismo is really well, and very happy! I will attach some pictures for you to see. It is almost his birthday, and I wanted to say thank you to you for allowing him to come home and be my 'baby'. I absolutely adore him, and I do not know what I did before I had him. He brings so much happiness and joy! He has a wonderful personality, he is very affectionate, and 'talks' to me all the time. He is always by my side, and loves nothing more than just company and someone to talk to.
So thank you very much, I hope you are well, and that all your cats are doing well too,
Sarah x"
" ...I thought I would give you an update on Lolly as she is nearly two years old. Its hard to find the words to describe Lolly as she such a wonderful, special cat. She brings so much fun to the house and gives us so much love - we feel very lucky to have found you and very lucky that we were able to give a home to Lolly. So how is she doing...well she is good. She is very healthy and loves her food especially turkey which is her favourite. At the moment she is looking more and more like her dad as her coat is getting thicker for winter. She looks very pretty with it but makes combing more difficult - which isn't her favourite thing. I have attached a few pictures of our beautiful girl. Amanda "
" Bodhi/Chatter is such a special cat. He is so loving and FUN. You are a great breeder and I really appreciate all of the love and care that you have put into raising your kittens. It really shows. Ken and I are very grateful to you and your husband. Big hug, Sheila "
...Good to hear from you. I would be delighted for you to use the photos and e-mails on your site. I could not have been more happy with the whole experience of buying the kittens from you. You were so kind and patient with us and really helped us find the right kittens for us. I love that you care so much about your animals, you love them and spoil them and give them a lovely start in life. If we were ever looking for a new cat, contacting you would be the first thing we'd do.
Thanks for everything,
Ann Marie in Ireland"

"...she is very beautiful, she is gorgeous and I am not talking about her behaviour , because the way she behaves is just making me so happy, she loves me and I love her, When ever I go upstairs to my bedroom she follows me , when I go back down she goes with me, when I am in a living room she is there too and when I go sleep she goes with me and she sleeps with me all night , apart of when I go toilet at night time she wakes up and she goes with me too hehe. She is like a baby.... "- Denisa, UK
here are a quick few pics of smokey, my beautiful baby,i want to say a BIG thank you ,for letting him come to live with us, we all love him so much, and thank you for staying in touch, i will allways send you updates with pictures and information, as i know you love and care for your cats very very much, all our love, Lorraine and family,xxxxx
"We are so glad we found out about www.chinchillapersians.co.uk and reserved our gorgeous little boy. Everything about him is perfect, such a lovely temperament, coat and oh so affectionate. You can really tell that Helga loves her cats very much and this is evident from the kittens and the condition they are in. I would recommend one of Helga's kittens to anyone who is after the most beautiful friend for life. I just wish I had room for another one of those delightul kittens!"
Louise and Richard, UK
"...I have some new pictures from Angie. Well she hates the camera, so it is difficult to show how beautiful she became, through pictures. I think I mentioned that we're moving to Dublin, so we have and Angie likes her new environment. We have no regrets choosing her, I haven't seen such a beautiful cat in Galway or in Dublin so far. She gives us a lot of love and joy, every evening comes to us purring, she has a great personality. And the best thing about her is that we hadn't had any health issues with her since she's with us, which is almost 2 years, not like my brothers cat. I told him to go to you if he wants a healthy and beautiful cat with great personality. We're looking forward to see some pictures of the new kittens. Best wishes,
Patricia and Adam
from Dublin"
"... She is part of our family. She partially took part on our wedding. ... She is definitaly healthy however rather slender. At first I was worried about it but our vet told us that she was ok., she was a slender, fussy type. ... Little Queen was not allowed to took part on the ceremony, but she took part when we made photos. Poor thing she must had enjoyed the wedding dinner. ... We gave her the name Little Queen because in mornings she demands food a special way as she would be a queen at least. :-)"
Judit, Hungary
"...Yes, we are absolutely satisfied with him, he is very nice and kind. ... I never thought that a cat is able to be so much loyal, faithful as I had been told other thing in connection with that.
He just can't be aparted from our daughter. They spend a lot of time together and sleep together, too. Thank you very much.
Kind Regards,
"... I haven’t written long ago about Smoky. He became a lovely cat. He made a great friendship with the dog and leave in peace. I haven’t thought this would happen when you brought the kitten. He is not only extremely nice but he has a very good nature as well. He is calm and peaceful and the most important that he is healthy.
We have a great joy having him with us.
"... our darling cat is the most beautiful and the most nice girl in the whole world! She has a good health and she is the apple of my eye. She is so kind and so much likes to play. Evenings she always bring her favorit piece of string to play and does not accept "we do not want to play" answers. She gaves us a great pleasure all the time. I was greatful every day that I had found your advertisement and you had offered us Cassy. You may remember that we have had just lost our Luci cat before we met with you who had been an appreciated member of our family. Cassy was wonderful, she helped us so much to recover from our grief.
We do not miss regular vet chechking. Our vet says all the time that Cassy a really healthy and balanced, calm cat.
I can suggest to everyone to choose a kitten, a real company from your cattery. I highly appreciated that you not just gave us a cat but you helped me to choose the one who had the ability and temper to help us in connection with our grief. We wish you a lot of success."
Family Rózsa from Hungary