Registred / pedigree's / official name: SilverAngel SirMock
EC Beauregard v Brettachtal, CH Poppy Komtesa
As it was previously Moysee's page (who is our previous stud) and I know that lot of owners of our kittens loved him and follow us, he can be found of bottom of page. For a while he couldn't really be a father / mating partner due that in past 9 years with him he already passed his wonderful genes to my cats / kittens and we wish to avoid inbreeding.
After years of calvary to find a boy who is healthy and handsome we finaly found Gomba (SirMock). With him we finally get a boy with perfect nerves, kind and gentle temper (he is a real sweetheart), he is clever, healthy, has a good appereance. I can tell just good things about him (and happy to help breeders with communication if they wish to risk the long way to go to his breeder to Hungary).
Erika is a wonderful breeder, she is correct and have beautiful, healhty cats. She can be reached via Facebook:
Gomba is a nickname and means mushrooms. He won this nick as kitten, when he arrived he was happy with our foods but has a habit to hunt after fallen little pieces of our suppers. He went and looked for the to collect and during the process he was singing to them. The big picure was like an old lady goes to the field to collect mushrooms and sing silently like: Yupp a mushroom, yoop another mushroom. :-)

Registred / pedigree's / official name: MarcelloMiau-Párduc - Click here to see pedigree
CH. Sandypaws City Slicker, GC. Sandypaws Making Melody in My Heart, CFA CH. Purrpals Thunder Cloud, CH. Thesaurus Moonflower of Lauralas, GC NW. Lauralas's Coral Bell, GC. Laurala's Chrysantenum, CH. Teddy Alsókútvölgyi, IC. Sandypaws Lion Heart, GC. Laurala's Laurel
And here we are, what has happened to the 10 years old Moysee. :-) We loved and love him. When people think about their pets they feel it as an eternal connection - which is true, with a little difference. We've already stated that we do not wish to play 'God' (also not judgeing of course it is just our point of view to respect nature). We do not neuter our cats but let them have a full-life including mating. When Moysee reached the age of 9 he was related to almost of all our (able-to-mating-aged) cats. We have to choose between two things: neuter him (who was such a tomcat in his whole life that durings sprins he was as thin as an earthworm as was not interested in eating at all but mating) or relocate him. We've been live with cats (society) from so many years, we learned that our feelings not always the best option for our cats and can't be a leading reason when we have to make a decision. We were deliberating for years unable to decide, we kept him closed from girls when they were crying for mating but also unable to look around for a new home to him. When a kind of 'miracle' happened, a hungarian 'want-to-be-breeder' (close friend of a friend with just two other cats was basically begging for his genes (blood-lines as it is exeptional and basically disappeared). Finally instead of offering a kitten to them we offered Moysee himself. In this way we got new friends (I visited him in his new environment and we are contacted changing 2-3 emails / week), they got an exeptional male cat (they are fallen in love with him, especially the husband, he even built a stand-alone play-ground to him in the garden attached to the house), Moysee can live his life as he always lived a not-neutered but very much TomCat, his genes are saved - I think we can call it as a win-win - but honestly we were a bit devastated - so according to common sense we did it well - but according to our feelings we are just not so happy if you know what I mean. But in background we have cats and kittens who are similar to him and can give us the feeling to be with him) - we tend to keep. Moysee is happy, his an only stud of a harem of 3 females now, had his first litters (beautiful kittens) and can live on a way he always lived.