MAFFIA / MAFIA and her golden-chinchilla son
CH. Rainbow of Sori Alma - Per ns.11, IC. Xanadou Buissant Des Amorie - Per ns. 12, IC. Silver.Mandy v. Sunnybeach - Per ns. 11, GIC Butterfly's Silver Aladdin - Per ns. 11, EC Désirée Buissant des Armorie - Per ns. 12, GIC Cosimo de Ulca - Per ns. 12, CH. Sandypaws City Slicker, GC. Sandypaws Making Melody in My Heart, CFA CH. Purrpals Thunder Cloud, CH. Thesaurus Moonflower of Lauralas, GC NW. Lauralas's Coral Bell, GC. Laurala's Chrysantenum, CH. Teddy Alsókútvölgyi, IC. Sandypaws Lion Heart, GC. Laurala's Laurel
  Maffia was born here, she is a daughter of our Prisci and Moysee, as both of her parents have many champion anscestors, her pedigree is quite a wow.
She is a very lovely girl with the most gorgeous leaf-green eyes. She is PKD free (both of her parents were tested by Langford, UK). She is very playful, has a finger in every pie, clever and affectionate. Likes to spend as much time as possible in our net-secured garden and she does not mind weather even if it is rainy or snowy. She never was sick in her whole life and our last cat who was vaccinated, just one time and just with cat-flu combinate.
In last year she had a very beautiful, unique little boy. We were deliberating for months as whole family (including my son and his girlfriend) fell in love with him. On one hand we thought we already had cats enough around but other hand we just could not let him go - my apoligies toward people who were interested in him at that time as our long hesitation probably kept them on the edge.
I think we can say that all of our cats are rather good tempered, but he is just special to us. He is a real sweat-heart from the first moment. As a kitten he had not much appetite, was the smallest in the litter, we struggled a lot as he was very fussy and by the time he decided to eat something his siblings emptied well mother's breast. Because of it he was a kind of 'hand-raised' and we were worried, sometimes thinking that he maybe could not make it as if we are not well nourished we become weak and undefended torwards any kinf of - otherwise even mild - infections. Because of it we were in a kind of stand-by for 1-2 months even during nights like woke up in 3-4 hours and feed him from a bottle. After this difficult beginning things turned much better, after introducing him to raw meat he suddenly found his appetite however was not interested in Orijen or any high-quality canned at all (we had tried everything just to make him eat) but started to develop well and now he is a strong, healthy little boy, full with energy to play. He was very attached to us all along the time, he slept with me (often does now), he is sensitive to our mood, even if he rather wishes to go to play instead of being in our arms, he stays for our sake if we wish to keep him longer. He had a good realtionship with not just younger cats but olders, too. He likes to being outside (just like his mother) very good to climb to trees or hunt (poor bumblebees), he has very well developed (big) teeth and could easely cope with almost any kind of bones since his age of 4 months. He is not yet matured but when he was 6 months old for a while he just watched our big boy then he stated to play mating with younger (unexperieced) girls of ours made them believe that it is for real (was very talented to mimic it) and we laughted a ton.
He is special because of his beautiful colours (his eyes are almost blue), he carries blue colour (probably due to his grandfather).
And another interesting thing in connection with him and his mother: Maffia is also a sweet-heart but you must know cats usually chase away young males (their own male boys) when they reach the age of 3-4 months - which is normal, it is their own way to avoid inbreeding (obviously he will be closed away when his mother wants to mate), but Maffia never wanted to chase him away but constantly looks after him, they often play together even now when Maffia is waiting for her next litter to be born - so we feel that it is a kind of mutual agreement of family and family's cats that he must stay with us. He does not have a final name yet (we call him on nicknames but according to his development and our moods it's just changing).