MAFFIA / MAFIA and her chinchilla daughter
CH. Rainbow of Sori Alma - Per ns.11, IC. Xanadou Buissant Des Amorie - Per ns. 12, IC. Silver.Mandy v. Sunnybeach - Per ns. 11, GIC Butterfly's Silver Aladdin - Per ns. 11, EC Désirée Buissant des Armorie - Per ns. 12, GIC Cosimo de Ulca - Per ns. 12, CH. Sandypaws City Slicker, GC. Sandypaws Making Melody in My Heart, CFA CH. Purrpals Thunder Cloud, CH. Thesaurus Moonflower of Lauralas, GC NW. Lauralas's Coral Bell, GC. Laurala's Chrysantenum, CH. Teddy Alsókútvölgyi, IC. Sandypaws Lion Heart, GC. Laurala's Laurel
  Maffia was born here, she is a daughter of our Prisci and Moysee, as both of her parents have many champion anscestors, her pedigree is quite a wow.
She is a very lovely girl with the most gorgeous leaf-green eyes. She is PKD free (both of her parents were tested by Langford, UK). She is very playful, has a finger in every pie, clever and affectionate. Likes to spend as much time as possible in our net-secured garden and she does not mind weather even if it is rainy or snowy. She never was sick in her whole life and our last cat who was vaccinated, just one time and just with cat-flu combinate.
We kept a daugher from her, who was very similar to Mafia's mother, Priscilla as a kitten, now she is more similar to her mother as an adult cat. She is and old-type chinchilla (the type what almost disappeared by now due that chinchillas were crossed with persians for more robust bodies and shorter noses), original chinchillas had more pure colours (the white was more bright white, the green eyes were more vivid green, noses were pink but orangish), their body was more delicate looking, less thick but longer coats.
We call young Priscilla to Tutu, she earned this name due that she has a funny habit, silently murmuring to everything as if an old lady would be commenting on everything she sees. She smaller than our persians and very brave, she holds her ground no matter what and respected by the rest of them. She is self-confident, an independent soul, clever, sometimes just too clever to play except we play with her favorite 'toy' the laser pointer.
We relocated Maffia's golden son a couple of years ago, it was a sad but necessary decision to avoid inbreeding and fights among unneutered males.


Priscilla / Tutu