Registred / pedigree's / official name: Anita Huszka-Virág - Click here to see pedigree
IC. Beauregard v. Brettachtal Per ns 12, CH. Ivanhoe v. Brettachtal Per ns. 11, GIC. Sweet-Joesy von Brettachal Per ns 12, IC. Nanuk von Wiesenhof Per ns 11, CH. Felix Kecskeszépe Per ns 11.

Choosie is a chinchilla persian female and she is the love of my life. She's 13 years old now.
I bought her in a pet shop in Hungary when she was six weeks old, so young. She is very clingy to me in her touchy way. She went almost mad while we had to wait for each other because of the compulsory half years long quarantine which was a requirement years ago for cats entering in UK. When she finally had permission to come and we were together again in our car for a 2000 kms long journey she was hugging my wrist with her "arms" almost all along until we arrived.
She is healthy, never had any illnesses but had an two eye injuries during years due to other cats and playing / fighting. In first case she got a wrong treatment / diganosis and finally I took her home to Hungary and my favorite vet cured her and saved her eye. Last summer when the second case happened she ended at my hungarian vet again for cure.
She is PKD tested via Langford Gen.(negative / normal).
A very good mother but she requires me to help her with kittens as if we were both mothers, which is more like to gain attention rather than real help. While most of the cats lost interest about kittens when they are around 7-9 weeks old, Choosie happily plays the foster-mother's role to every kittens here. When she was a little cat, she was able to purr, eat and meow in the same time if she liked the food she had. She likes raw food, it never was a struggle to make her eat it. While she is very kind and clever she has a dominant personality.
As she was ageing I went more and more worried and wanted to avoid the thought but couldn't, finally we all finish our lives and I just could not imagine my life without her. I waited for long years for a little girl who was similar to her, but she never had any. She had mostly boys and just a few girl and none of them was really similar to her. Lot of people laugh at me because I have the idea that cats who lives with us in a close proximity understand much more (words, senteces) we can imagine (while in thesed days I am sure about it, they learn our language with time, can't speak but very well can understand us). Once I simply told to her that 'Choosie please give me a little girl who is very similar to you inside and outside.' When she had her next litter it was just one kitten (was very weird as usually she had 3-5 but 1). We were even so cruel that laughed at her that why was such a big fuss when ending up giving birth to just one kitten. And we thought it was a boy. Later we checked and it was a girl. As time passed she looked more and more similar to Choosie inside and outside. Yes you are very free to laugh at us, we deserved, but it is your turn to decide that it was a coincidence or she really understood my wish. :-) LittleChoosie lived with us for 3 years or so, after this we relocated her. We were very heartbroken but maybe the similarity made them to go into fight with Choosie. During last summer this fight caused injuries to both. LittleChoosie's was the easiest, a clean eye injurie (little hole on cornea), she ended up closed for around 5 weeks in a room in collar and under treatment. While Choosie developed a very rare and dangerous eye condition named bullos keratopaty and started treatment here but ended up having an eye surgery at my hungarian vet. The good news that both cats healed properly and completely (no sight loss or visible injurie / mark) but after that we found a good, loving new home to LittleChoosie. Thanks to her new family we got news from time to time, she is settled and happy. Has just one cat as company and she is the "boss".
First row of photos are about Choosie, second are about LittleChoosie.