Registred / pedigree's / official name: Anita Huszka-Virág
IC. Beauregard v. Brettachtal Per ns 12, CH. Ivanhoe v. Brettachtal Per ns. 11, GIC. Sweet-Joesy von Brettachal Per ns 12, IC. Nanuk von Wiesenhof Per ns 11, CH. Felix Kecskeszépe Per ns 11.

Choosie is a chinchilla persian female and she is the love of my life. Time flies she is 17 years old now in 2022, still healthy apart from a hip problem which can be healed via surgery, but NOT ACTIVE anymore. We have her daughter, Bia, a daughter of SirMock, and her grand daughter, MiuMiu who is also a grand-daughter of SirMock and daughter of Moysee.
I bought Choosie in a pet shop in Hungary when she was six weeks old, so very young. She is very clingy to me in her touchy way. She went almost mad while we had to wait for each other because of the compulsory half year long quarantine which was a requirement in 2007-2008 for cats entering in UK. When she finally had permission to come and we were together again in our car for a 1200 miles long journey she was hugging my wrist with her "arms" almost all along until we arrived.
She never had any illnesses but had 3 eye injuries during years due playing / fighting with other cats. In the first case she got a wrong treatment / diganosis and developed eye-ulcer, after a month struggling here with vets and clinics we finally I took her home to Hungary and my favorite vet cured her and saved her eye. Since then we knew how to cure an eye ulcer without any help of vets.
She is PKD tested via Langford Gen.(negative / normal).
A very good mother but she requires me to help her with kittens as if we were both mothers, which is more like to gain attention rather than real help. While most of the cats lost interest about kittens when they are around 7-9 weeks old, Choosie happily plays the foster-mother's role to every kittens here. She was very adorable when kitten, she was able to purr, eat and meow in the same time if she liked the food she had. She likes raw food, it never was a struggle to make her eat it. While she is very kind and clever she has a dominant personality and tend to be a real troulbe maker among cats. She can open doors which have handles.

Bia(Bianca) - Choosie's daughter.
Her father is Sir-Mock. She is a very fluffy, beautiful, green eyed chinchilla cat. She is a loving cat, gentle and a great mother of her kittens. She is self-confident, brave, not a nervous type and a very princess-like soul. She is proud and if you happen to offend her she will warn you. She does not scratch or bite but tend to use one of her claws as a needle. Choosie could tell about it ending up in collar again 2-3 years ago when Bia puncuted her cornea. Thankfully Choosie recovered and does not challenge Bia anymore.
The most cute story with Bia we tend to speak about again and again happened when we had to rebuilt our old conservatory. Unlucky enough it happened almost fully during the first lockdown and the work kept much longer that we expected mainly because we had to cope with a huge part of it alone. Because of the work we had to relocate the cats to other parts of the house and for that time some must have lived outside in the shed we furnished to them to be comfortable enough. Bia had kittens at that time and was upstairs in one of the bedroom. When she first came down to the living room she found the area of the conservatory in a mess, ruins and ground and empty. We just saw that she went terribly afraid, gasping for air, bright red nose and first didn't understand what's was wrong with her. Poor Bia thought we got rid of a part of her friends. We took her in arms to the shed to show that her friends are well and tried to explain that they will be back as soon as the new conservatory is ready. After that she calmed down.
Her fluffy coat requires a lot of work and tend to knot rather easily while interestingly her fluffy daughter's are not so. We have to work a lot on her coat and she is not exactly helpful during grooming.
She is a big fan of raw meat and wouldn't touch dry if there is an option to eat raw.
She is totally UNVACCINATED and has 0 health problem and rather big litters, 4-7.


MiuMiu - Choosie's grand-daughter and Bia's daughter
Her father is Moysee. She is a gorgeous shaded-silver cat. She is still very young and occasionaly very playful, too but rather with other cats and kittens especially. She likes to keep her distance, not a lapcat except when she is pregnant and knows she'll need a safe room soon to give birth. During that time she is extremly affectionate till the level you can't make her leave you alone. When we take her to the bedroom, she tend to wake us up during nights purring and rubbing herself to us. She is a carrier of the colourpoint gene just like her father. Among her kittens we had some extremly beautiful and rare colours, a kind of cross between chinchillas and colourpoints, vivid blue eyed but they had the chincilla's black lining around their eyes, didn't have masks like colourpoints have but had a bit darker tail and ears and abolutely was no tipping on the top of the white fur.
She is also very fluffy but her fur is better than Bia's. Not so silky, rabit-like by touch but also not so tend to develop knots. When we groom her she 'gives herself to her fate' in a funny way, she lies on her stomach and spread her legs like a little frog. She also prefers to raw to dry but a bit more willing to eat some Farmina dry than her mother, mainly only if she is hungry between two main raw meals.
She is also totally UNVACCINATED and has 0 health problem. Last year we kept a beautiful boy from her, ICE, the blue eyed half-chinchilla, half himalayan cat who is know an adult, unneutered male and our hope for future' colourful kittens.

She was also Choosie's daughter we sadly had to relocate a couple of years ago. I left her photos here as she was such a lovely cat and also so funny. She made us laugh a lot with her unique expressions. We relocated her after a big fight between her and her mother when both endend up injured rather seriosly and we had to deal with eye ulcers on both cats. Little Choosie was a rather small cat but tended to hold her stance. Choosie who was the second smallest cat here loved her but from time to time loved to bully poor Little Choosie, too. To avoid another big fight we truly sadly chose to relocate her, felt so unfair but couldn't find another way out.