Registred / pedigree's / official name: Anita Huszka-Virág - Click here to see pedigree
IC. Beauregard v. Brettachtal Per ns 12, CH. Ivanhoe v. Brettachtal Per ns. 11, GIC. Sweet-Joesy von Brettachal Per ns 12, IC. Nanuk von Wiesenhof Per ns 11, CH. Felix Kecskeszépe Per ns 11.

Choosie is a chinchilla persian female and she is the love of my life. She's soon 15 years old.
I bought her in a pet shop in Hungary when she was six weeks old, so very young. She is very clingy to me in her touchy way. She went almost mad while we had to wait for each other because of the compulsory half year long quarantine which was a requirement years ago for cats entering in UK. When she finally had permission to come and we were together again in our car for a 1200 miles long journey she was hugging my wrist with her "arms" almost all along until we arrived.
She is healthy, never had any illnesses but had an 3 eye injuries during years due to other cats and playing / fighting. In first case she got a wrong treatment / diganosis and finally I took her home to Hungary and my favorite vet cured her and saved her eye. 2-3 years ago when the second case happened she ended at my hungarian vet again for cure. And we've just over the 3rd case, a puncutred cornea (healed fully, she HAS luck for sure).
She is PKD tested via Langford Gen.(negative / normal).
A very good mother but she requires me to help her with kittens as if we were both mothers, which is more like to gain attention rather than real help. While most of the cats lost interest about kittens when they are around 7-9 weeks old, Choosie happily plays the foster-mother's role to every kittens here. Despite of her age she is still like to give birth only that in the last years she did it rarely and had only 1 kitten or 2 at most (healthy kittens). She was very adorable when kitten, she was able to purr, eat and meow in the same time if she liked the food she had. She likes raw food, it never was a struggle to make her eat it. While she is very kind and clever she has a dominant personality and tend to be a real troulbe maker among cats. She understand every words, complete sentences when we talk (I know it sounds weird but that's another thing we learnt while living with cats - if they are kept close to you, during years they develop a full understanding in owners' spoken language.
Her genius doesn't end here, she can open doors using the handle like jumping, using one paw to push the handle down and the other front paw and back paws to keep herself in position.
While she is basically healthy, no big problems, she got the most vaccines (unfortunatelly back then I was a believer - cautious one but believer nevetheless - and as she was my favorite and heard her sneezing a lot, periodically, I wanted the best for her (sounds sadly familiar?), and let her have another one many years ago which made the sneezing worse. Interestingly after a couple of years of no vaccines but on a healthy, natural food (balanced raw) somehow I just don't hear her sneezing. The other side-effect(?) was allergy to fleas. Fortunatelly we had fleas only twice during 15 years, last one 4-5 years ago so I can't tell that flea allergy is still stands or went away just like sneezing but that's sure she was suffering terribly as every flea bite made her skin wounded. She was also allergic to spot-on (that time we used Frontline) like she went bald where the spot-on was applied. Fortunately that's all, she is still very healthy, jumps well, have plenty of energy to be sure to have a finger in every pie.