We are probably not your average breeders, we do not consider ourselves to being breeders in the usual meaning. We love animals and enjoy observing them, all of us grew up on series about nature and animals and had pets (mice, degus, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, fish), all of us regularly saved animals. We think that cats' society is an extremely interesting one. As we've been living in close proximity with cats for 30+ years our advises based mostly on our experiences, observations and research work in the background.
Our cats are part of our family, they can go out to net-secured garden but live inside.
We are a small family, my husband is an IT consultant and I am an IT professional, too. My husband was invited to work here 12+ years ago and when we decided to accept the offer and relocate we took our cats like did the whole compulsory process including quarantine time which was a half a year long process back then.
We didn't plan a 'cattery', we bought our first persians in Hungary one by one many-many years ago after I lost my cat due to a car (a neutered beautiful tortoise-shell girl) we learned that despite of the promise of vets, they can wondering around even if they are neutered. Back than I felt so sorry, such a grieve and felt sorry I neutered her and she (and I) couldn't have a kitten similar to her. 2-3 years later when pain was better and was ready to love and accept a cat again we bought 2 kittens (2 very similar aged to give them company if we are not around - by the way this is exactly we suggest to any family where members are away from home for a full day, to have 2). We never made our cats neutered since then and in this way they could live a natural, full, happy life and we could enjoy having kittens from time to time while discovering a completely new, different cat-world. (They behave very differently if they are active, they live in a hierarchy and the leather and most respected cat is always the one who gave birth the most kittens last time. Unfortunately they didn't tolerate neutered cats around but try to chase them away and two not neutered males can go into fight because of it the boys' number we can keep is strictly limited. Kittens are everyone's first priority, no matter who was the mother, all would take care of them, all of the adults let the kittens eat first, and males would let the girls to eat first and so on - truly very interesting.)
In the following years still based on love-of-first-site we bought new kittens one by one during the years or kept one.
Due to their quite natural lifestyle our persians are healthy, energetic cats - if you turn to us for a kitten just please forget about placid persian legend, all of ours are full-of-life type, rather clever and playful even if older.
I think that reason behind the placid persians' is rather poor quality pre-processed / inappropriate food, over-vaccination, over-using of chems and drugs and nowadays even tap-water.
We have cats aged as 17, 15, 14 and so, still healthy but to keep them healthy was a long constantly learning process.
We have references from our former kittens' owners, please have a look at it, you can see some really cute, beautiful or even unique cats on reference page. In fact nowadays we hardly have a litter when 1-2 kittens don't go to live with someone who previously had a kitten but wanted a second or third one from us or one to their friends, families. As they are usually very good, caring owners of our kittens we are grateful to them and we think they are the best proof that our way - to have healthy cats - works well.
Also we kindly ask you that before turning to us, please make sure that you can accept and follow our 'heretic' / natural way that how to keep them, thank you.